Dog Bell No. 2 - Porcelain Bell made in Denmark

IIF HUMANS COULD LOVE EACH OTHER LIKE DOGS, THE WORLD WOULD BE A PARADISE.... This is the motto for our beautiful Dog Bells painted by Natalia Brampton. They are happy dog bells with different breeds in perfect harmony with each other - 17 breeds on each bell. The bells are made from the finest porcelain and the painting is fired into the bell in the famous Danish Blue underglaze. The bell comes with a wrought iron bracket for wall mounting. The total height of the bell is 17,5 cm. Height of bell + bracket is 35 cm /14,4. The painting on this bell is the same as on our Dogpainting 2

Product Code: 99955
Size : 17.5 cm / 7.61 inches

Made in Denmark, by Lekven